La chambre Cristal
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The Crystal Room (La chambre Cristal)
The Ivory Room (La chambre Ivoire)
The Wood Room (La Chambre Bois)
The Copper Room (La chambre Cuivre)

To discover the grand intimacy of « Crystal » let yourself be guided by the spiral staircase. It is carved from venerable oak wine casks assembled by our cooper ancestors.

The windows of the large shower-room open south on a view of the grounds.

For breakfast, you just need to cross the courtyard and climb the 3 steps to the entrance, the dining room awaits you.


Majestic, the large pendant chandelier makes the Indian embroidery of the canopy sparkle. It also knows how to become a discreet companion, prelude to a gentle romantic night.

The rustic wardrobe where our great grandmother Marie-Louise hid chocolate reminds us of the past history of the beautiful room « Crystal » as a hay loft all in beams and half-timbered.