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The Crystal Room (La chambre Cristal)
The Ivory Room (La chambre Ivoire)
The Wood Room (La Chambre Bois)
The Copper Room (La chambre Cuivre)

In the shelter of the solid half-timbers of « Copper », great-grandfather Théophile’s clock has collected around it several souvenirs picked up during distant journeys.

Perhaps, starting with a circuit inside the house would present a more reasonable first objective?

Operation « discovery of the main dining room » for breakfast. Starting at the bed, one just has to count 1 sideboard; 2 cupboards, 4 doors, 6 steps and one is there. (A local guide is supplied upon arrival)

What pleasure, afterwards, to find again the warm atmosphere of « Copper » for a refreshing rest or sweet dreams lulled by new projects.


The bronze reflections from the Moroccan trays and the Burmese trumpets gently quiver in the evening light, prelude to a peaceful night.

In the morning, as an interested guest I follow the ancestors gallery. A little moved by the 60th wedding anniversary photo of Silvine and Jean taken in 1895; then west to the corner kitchen-dining room- library. Tonight it will certainly be pleasant to prepare a small snack there. For the time-being, I reach an armchair, chose a work on the old workbench of cousin Jean-Pierre and plunge comfortably into the rich documentation.