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The Crystal Room (La chambre Cristal)
The Ivory Room (La chambre Ivoire)
The Wood Room (La Chambre Bois)
The Copper Room (La chambre Cuivre)

On the ground floor in the east wing, easily accessible to all, affording an unrestricted view of the garden, a few steps from the dining room, « Ivory » can easily accommodate 3 people.

Whilst the afternoon sun reflects in the alu-engravings by Madeleine Jalby-Marty, the silent butterflies flit from one wall to the other, between the patterns of the plates, survivors from great-grandmother Irma’s table service, and the marqueteries by Dominique Ciamarone.

It was the old doors to the main house, disguised as panelling, which were the first to be colonized by discreet lodgers, fixed in Véronique Plault’s ceramics. Doubtless a happy consequence of the comfort and calmness of the place.


Close your eyes a few instants: to those who can hear, the beams and half-timbered whisper their souvenirs as one-time stables.

The « treasures» uncovered in family attics, set the authentic décor and initiate a pleasant dialogue with the artists creations.